August 20, 2008By Jan Kallenbach


Dear Gentlemen, TaiKi Friends,

It is with great pleisure and satisfaction we can let you know that our 3d TaiKi European Gasshuku was a succes.
As years before the gasshuku took place in the unique surroundings of the Swedish woods and close to a beautifull lake near Lygnared. (30 km from Gothenburg)
The atmosphere was great, sunny, inspiring and full of energy. In such an area and with such kenpoka it may happen one feels easily and positively loaded by the TaiKi spirit.
Some of the participants even admitted that after the good training, nice meals and evening program, one still had so much energy one did stay awake whole night discussing and talking.
Yet there awaited a new training at 7 o'clock in the morning. After that some took a swim in the sort of ionized water of the get really refreshed for the coming trainingsessions.
The teaching was done by the TaiKi teachers sensei McDonnagh, Jan Kallenbach, Wiert Postema and Bert de Waart.
There was a special teacher meeting, a conference among the leading people in Europe, and we knew nice evening programs with video material and had several kenpoka exposing the influence of TaiKi budo on their lives.
After 3 days it was all over and did the participants at sunday-afternoon go back to there different countries. Mostly by taxi and airplane.
Thank you sensei Marshall and your team for the great time!
Next year same place and at 13-16th of august 2009.
See you there,

Jan Kallenbach

Tai Ki & Yi-Chuan Kyoshi master teacher
Body & Mind trainer
vm docent HvA ALO

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There are special occasions when words are not necessary -

An illustrated reflection:


The magic of Ritsu Zen – in harmony with nature – what better way to start the day ?



The international meeting of budoka joining in a common interest of Taikiken development throughout Europe.

3rd_4 3rd_5 3rd_6 3rd_7 3rd_8 3rd_9 3rd_10

With inspiration from nature training takes a new dimension

3rd_11 3rd_12 3rd_13

The traditional group photo´s with our founder and inspiration Soshi Kenichi Sawai (1903-1988)


Sincere best regards and hope to see you next year – same place 13 – 16th August 2009

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